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The device generates the sensation of heat, cold, vibration and roughness of objects that are part of a virtual reality, however the gloves are complemented with Oculus Rift glasses (Foto: ep)
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Glove allows to feel heat and cold


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Die mexikanische Firma Vivoxwie kreierte ein Paar Handschuhe mit einer Schnittstelle, die die Haut stimuliert und den Tastsinn in Cyberwelten ermöglicht.

Glove allows to feel heat and cold

Can you imagine burning your fingertips or feel that ice freezes your hand as you interact with a program of virtual reality? The Mexican company Vivoxwie created Power Claw, a pair of gloves with an interface that stimulates the skin and allows the sense of touch in cyber worlds. The device generates the sensation of heat, cold, vibration and roughness of objects that are part of a virtual reality, however, the gloves are complemented with Oculus Rift glasses. To simulate heat, cold, electricity and other effects the glove’s fingertips are equipped with small motors and thermoelectric cells. These fire with varying intensity and frequency in line with the software. Leap Motion software was also implemented to identify the user’s hands in different simulations. In relation to this, the development team at Vivoxie created two demos with the Unity platform, used in the creation of videogames for a console or the web. […] One of the game demos simulates the interior of a building where the user must perform small tasks. For example, users must hurl thunderbolts with their hands to destroy a number of targets, open the doors of an elevator, shoot fireballs and feel their fingers burn or freeze when lifting a piece of ice, explained Enya Vera, responsible for the area of business intelligence at the company. With this trial version of the game, the Vivoxie team attended the Gamescom 2015 in Germany where they made the presentation of the first PowerClaw prototype, which has three actuators in the thumb, index and medium fingers that allow the different sensations to be connected to the electronic circuit and the signal to the demo that runs on the computer to be sent.” The aim is to offer Power Claw as a peripheral or accessory device to be used in different applications (apps) not limited to video games, for example education, medicine or engineering. […] The medium-term goal is for the glove to work with both the applications of the company as well as those created by different developers. Therefore, API and SDK files must be released to the public, inviting developers to generate new apps that require the Power Claw. Moreover, it is noteworthy that the device has limited power management, and the actuators consume too much electricity when changing from a hot to a cold sensation, so it is not yet feasible to use them wirelessly. Reprinted and abridged from Materials provided by Investigación y Desarrollo; Science Daily


accessoryZubehör, Zusatz
actuatorAktor, Aktuator, Auslöser
allowerlauben, ermöglichen
API (application programming interface)Programmierschnittstelle
attendbesuchen, teilnehmen
burnbrennen, verbrennen
elevator (US)Aufzug, Lift
equipped withausgestattet mit, versehen mit
hurlschleudern, werfen
imaginesich etwas vorstellen
implementeinsetzen, anwenden
index fingerZeigefinger
in line withentsprechend, synchron mit
medium-term goalmittelfristiges Zeil
Oculus RiftVirtual Reality Brille, entwickelt von Oculus VR
peripheralperiphär, an der Außenseite befindlich
responsible forzuständig für
roughnessRauheit, Rauigkeit
SDK software development kitSoftware Entwicklungstools
sense of touchTastsinn
varyingvariierend, unterschiedlichen
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